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Debut Comedy Album

Trigger Warning

dropping everywhere on 4/20

Toronto-based comedian Emily Misura has announced the release of her debut comedy album Trigger Warning. It releases across all platforms on 4/20, but you can pre-save it now HERE.

This album is described as irreverent, ironic and irrevocably prolapsed. It covers almost anything you can think of in a very wylin' 45 minutes of fuckery: triggers, kink shaming, hyperhidrosis, Mensa, the 2016 election, American healthcare, boomers, millennials, dick pics, social media, body positivity, cancel culture and everyone's favourite mega church pastor, Joel Osteen. The track listing is here:


2. Trigger Warning

3. Stickin' to my Guns

4. It's Time

5. #winning

6. Achilles' Toe


8. Wait! I'm Almost Ω


10. A Love Song for the Haters

11. Look! I Found My Autism

12. FAGGOT (Let’s Take It Back)

13. Star-Spangled Awesome

14. The Millennial Vote

15. Socialize Me, Daddy

16. Opulence Osteen

17. Must Be Nice (op. 69)

18. Body Positively Toxic

19. Screed of Roses

20. Above the Influence

"This is definitely a deviation from what I'm used to, which is playing beautiful, complicated pieces written by dead white men. So why not use my highfalutin and intellectual degree to make a comedic shitpost?" Emily said. "I got sick of making intricate, well-planned covers that about 200 people watch and listen to. I can't wait to release something I've spent the last year recording, producing and mastering so that 3 people can cheer me on. I am truly #blest." 

Emily earned both of her BMs* from a super pretentious music school full of blowhards. They singlehandedly removed the Music Technology degree track specifically because of this album.** 




Here are some things that people have been saying about the album:

*surprisingly in this context, BM stands for "Bachelor of Music" rather than "bowel movement" - though one can understand the confusion... you know, since this is a shitpost

**that might not actually be true. But it could be since Emily Misura recorded, mixed and mastered the entire album herself while farting uncontrollably in a high rise apartment in downtown Toronto

"I can't have that in my life. I just hate seeing suicide jokes labeled as dark comedy." - some dumb cunt

"It's not funny at all, it's disgusting." - another dumb cunt

Trigger Warning comes out 4/20. It's available now for pre-order. #BlazeItBro





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